Thermodynamic Solar Solution for central heating Thermodynamic Solar Solution for Swimming-pools
The Thermodynamic Solar System represents high levels of economy and comfort when heating your house. The cutting edge technology used allows you to obtain both high performance and high efficiency. Thanks to the ability of a Thermodynamic System to harness a variety of renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and rain; a Solar Thermodynamic Systems represents the best solution to reducing energy consumption. With no greenhouse gas emissions, Thermodynamic Solar Systems provide a major environmental benefit. A single system can efficiently and effectively provide both the space heating and domestic hot water requirements. You can also use your system to provide central heating during the colder seasons and then switch to the heating of the pool during the warmer months, maximizing your investment. The perfect solution for those who want to enjoy their swimming pool all year round with both economic and environmental benefits. With high levels of reliability and efficiency, ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar Systems are not constrained by the limitations of traditional systems. The system is designed to be maintenance free, thereby reducing running costs. The Thermodynamic Solar System uses a sealed circuit that does not require the periodic addition of fluid. Additionally, the system uses a titanium heat exchanger with very high resistance to the swimming pool chlorine. Needs also less solar panels than traditional systems, being this way more economical and efficient.